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Что такое hq и bigops

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EVE University Forum

Post —> Post by Ares Dodekatheon » 2019.11.26 07:34

  • The fleet channel: reserved to questions/x-ing/intel/info that are useful to the operation
  • A separate channel in free comms at all times (usual Uni rules of political correctness still apply)

This is a very good idea Devola. Not only for big OPs but maybe for all roams we can use a separate «Chatter Channel» to keep the «Fleet Channel» clean.

Yeah, I did like it.

Macte animo! Generose puer sic itur ad astra.

Ersin Oghuz Member
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Re: [AAR] Structure Bash vs war-target HQ

Post —> Post by Ersin Oghuz » 2019.11.27 11:54

This was a good operation. Thanks to all people who organized this for their logistics and tactical efforts. This kind of operations generally involves some intense preparation period generally not seen to public eyes So good job.

I was in a logistics squad in this fleet and chosen as anchor. It was not my first time in logistics but probably my first time as an anchor. Logistics itself generally is very intense but being an anchor seems to add more to it Mike, logistics squad FC, generally reminded people to keep their anchor on me so people followed it and we had no problem of having drifting ships out of our range. Although at the final moments of the fleet I did a mistake, probably misclicked in space and drifted away from the combat fleet hence took the whole logistics with me When I noticed it, we were almost at our range to apply logistics and thankfully we have returned to our optimals fast ! Please notify if you saw any other manual piloting / anchor lead mistakes from me.

Devola emphasized several good points in his post as well. I, myself, used the fleet channel for regular chat as well, but never continue when someone ask for help. So I think best to extend combat comms for fleet chat as well as voice comms. So when FC calls for combat comms that also applies to fleet chat as well. Also best to ask questions prior to the fleet departure time while everyone has more time to answer questions as well. Right after newbro speech is generally the best time. Also yes, please do not answer any question that you don’t know the 100% correct answer. That will lead further confusion if the answer was not true. Help your fleetmates for sure, but make sure that you are passing the correct answer An alternative to this maybe to implement a channel specifically for fleet preparation for big operations, such as x-ing up, questions and newbro speech. Or move this to already built in Alliance chat where we do advert our fleets and such. And for chatter using Corp channel. Since that channel is mostly not used due to campus chat channels.

Also the lost ships from WHC fleet was noted. I really do appreciate the WHC coming out to HS , after tireless efforts on their part to roll a good wormhole and etc, and really liked the idea of having an auxilary fleet to add more spice to the operation! Although I need to say, the loss of those ships did not serve any purpose against a single structure without any defense fleet. ABCs are great tools. But while using them you should take necessary precautions to evacuate from the battlefield when you are under heavy attack. Pre align and then shoot. We had a large squad of logistics and yet it seems EUNI fleet lost BCs. The lost Griffin that I do not have any objection since Griffins can be accepted as ammo rather then ships and you can always bring EWAR to fleet and it won’t hurt. Having ECM on field may come in handy always. They could jam the structure fighters

I particulary liked how the fleet members travel in such organized manner and followed the FCs command at the structure bash. No one broke any gate cloak until FC told them to align and etc. And all ships followed the commands on grid. The fleet discipline I can say was good on that part.

Overally, my evaluations, this fleet , even though there were some minor issues, was a good and succesful one ! Congratulations to FCs, organizers (managers & directors) , haulers, and all fleet members, including combat, logistics, and ewar.

Last edited by Ersin Oghuz on 2019.11.27 13:05, edited 1 time in total.
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Laura Karpinski Member
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Re: [AAR] Structure Bash vs war-target HQ

Post —> Post by Laura Karpinski » 2019.11.27 12:28

Ersin Oghuz wrote: Although at the final moments of the fleet I did a mistake, probably misclicked in space and drifted away from the combat fleet hence took the whole logistics with me

Oh I see how it is. Salty alumni makes sabotage attempt
Former CEO of EVE University

Laura Karpinski of House E-Uni, first of her name, the undocked, Khaleesi of the Campuses, mother of unistas!

Yrgrasil Member
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Re: [AAR] Structure Bash vs war-target HQ

Post —> Post by Yrgrasil » 2019.11.27 14:27

  • — the supply for people who can’t fly ferox/osprey was kinda confusing or somehow random. I know there was lots of other stuff to do, but it somehow felt like there was no plan for them. So if i remember right it was called to get into blap caracals, and at some point HM caracals were handed out or at least used.
  • — during the 2nd fleet we had basically not one hard tackle, as in a lachesis or even a hic. For the final fleet we had only a lachesis but no Huginn. There is a ton of control and damage potential wasted by not having those. Normally these ships win you the fights, there is a reason huginns get basically always primaried in those fleets.
  • — several people offered to bring boost feroxes during formup of both fleets. Just take them, delegate someone to sort out who runs which «backup» boost. The fcc ferox with boosts looses approx 4k ehp and 20km drone range, but gets some more resists and catches reps better. There is literally no reason to restrict the fleet to the main boosters in command ships.

Take the above of course with a grain of salt, in the end we won and we can continue clapping shoulders of people. Also there is not often a chance to practice that and most were never in a fleet this size before. But i think if we had a halfway serious doctrine on the other side like leshaks or whatever we would have run into some problems pretty fast.

Retired Director

Turlough Dominian Retired Director
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Re: [AAR] Structure Bash vs war-target HQ

Post —> Post by Turlough Dominian » 2019.11.27 15:00

  • — the supply for people who can’t fly ferox/osprey was kinda confusing or somehow random. I know there was lots of other stuff to do, but it somehow felt like there was no plan for them. So if i remember right it was called to get into blap caracals, and at some point HM caracals were handed out or at least used.

For the ferox’s I had organised them at location
and the reason for handing them out as apposed to making contracts was so that isk wouldn’t be a reason for not flying one cause some people can’t afford to buy a random ferox for a one off event so i literally lent them to people and worked on the honor system for getting them back.

Ospreys same story only had 20 at location tho slightly lower than i wanted as id of liked more reships for the ospreys.

The blap caracels where mentioned so people who did not have skills for ferox would be able to sit in something , I made no effort on moving any of those down myself .

There is another element to the fleet that i scirt over a good bit and thats the other ships i had at location.
I had 2 extra docterines at location for if we got into an actual fight, so i had 3 doctrines available but i only told people about 1.
I also had a group of ships for higher sp players that could fit in relatively ok for 2 out of the 3 doctrines.
The other two docterines however i wont be mentioning what they where cause then i loose that surprise factor and the o is that all xD

Copy paste from original post for the 3rd operation:
There will be Ferox’s available at target location and ospreys also, If people can bring there own that increases the amount of reships we have in the area.
But don’t panick if you can’t get one ahead of time we will sort you out at location if needed.

^^not sure where the confusion part comes from, i said there would be ships at location and there was, everyone who requested one got one
only thing was leading up to the fleet i didn’t mention how one would aquire there loaner ship but that was covered during the fleet several times
So perhaps learning from that might specify specifically how one will aquire ship at location if i was to organise another one of these

on other note your mention of not much tackle for the 2nd bash definitely not enough at all and i didn’t have any ships hidden away at location to rectify that
For 3rd bash we didn’t have much by the way of tackle on grid but i did have some hidden away in the station
But yes definitely lacking in the tackle department


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Scott Brinker: From Big Data to Big Ops

Scott Brinker Hexagon-1

Now, this is the big one. Scott Brinker himself is here to bless our eyes, ears, and anything in-between with his insight on big data and big ops.

So, let’s see what Scott’s got. And what Scott’s got, is a lot. And it’s hot. Sorry, I’ll stop messing around.

And if after this, you’re still not Scott-ed out, check out our latest interview with the Godfather of martech here. We delve into topics like the martech industry, the effects of the pandemic (of course), the challenges of martech, and more.

This sesh, if you were lucky enough to catch it, went into depth about the new foundations of marketing and customer experience.

But in case you haven’t heard of him, sacrilegious as that is, Scott is the editor of chiefmartec.com, the VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, and is the best selling author of ‘Hacking Marketing’.

And, most notably, he’s the mastermind behind the Marketing Technology landscape since 2011. And he’s been standing side-by-side with the industry as it’s grown 5,233% since 2011. In fact, we’ve seen the number of martech solutions grow from 150, to 8,000 in just under a decade.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2019): Martech 5000 (actually 7,040) - Chief Marketing Technologist

But the truth is, says Scott, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, more than 500m digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud native approaches by 2023.

Not all of these will be commercially packaged apps like the ones on the martech landscape. But the vast majority will be custom apps, built for individual companies.

This is not our story today, but the catalyst. In fact, we are in an era moving away from big data, to the era of big ops.

So, how do we go from big data, with a scale and complexity of data collected, stored and analysed, to big ops, with the scale and complexity of apps and automation interacting with data.

Scott asks us to consider it this way. If you think of data as this big data lake, far away, where you need a professional guide to help you find it, and hike up to it. Big ops is instead like an interactive water park.

And this interaction is key. Though data is growing, the interactions with it are growing even faster.

Scott Brinker

This is triggered by a proliferation of ops related functions inside the modern digital business.

Okay, let’s stop listing these. Just take a peep at this behemoth of a graph:

Scott Brinker

So, Scott turned to his twitter followers to clarify the roles, and asked «What do other people think ‘ops’ roles do?»

  1. «Buy ALL the tools»
  2. «We say NO a lot»
  3. «Send emails all day»
  4. «Put milk & cookies out for the magic elves who come in at night and do all the hard work»

and Scott’s favourite:

I am a laptop-wielding technology-wizard marketing Rockstar who’s beloved by all.»

Let’s start with DevOps.

Basically, this meme sums it up.

Scott Brinker

But this is no joke. Okay, that’s a little bit of a joke. But this is an actual problem.

Software used to be developed by software engineers, and then handed over to deployment. But this slowed stuff down, and encouraged finger pointing.

So, DevOps became all about embedding ops responsibility with the development teams.

But what does this have to do with marketing?

Websites & web apps. Mobile Apps. Product-Led Growth. Custom-developed martech. All of this is software. All of this is relevant to marketing.

Scott moves on to the custom martech side. He referenced research from our martech report (download here), specifically asking respondents «What best describes your organisation’s customer/ marketing data platform?»

Now this is interesting, Scott says. 16% of respondents reported their platform is self built, either in-house or custom developed. 38.5% reported a hybrid platform, in-house or custom developed, and with vendor solutions. This totals to 54.5%.

Scott said someone on Twitter joked that half of this is probably spreadsheets (and they might not be 100% wrong). But there’s still a lot of development happening.

But what Scott wants to do is to pull themes from DevOps.

The Three Themes of DevOps

Number One: Agile Culture

This accelerates the loop, to be able to develop, deploy, learn. And repeat. It’s about bringing the agile cycle up to speed, and has been adapted for marketing.

In fact, 51% of marketing departments are using at least some parts of an agile marketing approach in 2021.

Number Two: Shifting left

This involves moving responsibilities in the ‘Dev’ of ‘DevOps’. But this shift is also happening within marketing, with the growth of no-code marketing ‘superpowers’, for providing non-technical marketers the ability to perform «no-code» capabilities.

  • Automation. This means being able to automate activities and processes.
  • Augmentation. This means being able to be imbued with new powers to create and analyse.
  • Integration. This means being able to be connected to other tools and data.

A big part of all this is automation.

Number three: Automation

This is certainly something that’s been seen in the DevOps world, with 90% of high-maturity DevOps teams have automated the most repetitive tasks, compared to only 25% for low-maturity DevOps teams.

The department with the largest number of automation is not surprisingly IT and Engineering, with 39.8%. But what is surprising is the second is Finance (26.4%) and the third is sales and marketing (13.3%).

This gets us into data ops.

Data Ops

There are so many water-themed references in this space, Scott says. Data Lake, Data Stream, Data Cloud, and when it’s bad — Data Swamp.

But there’s a few lesser known data water metaphors. These are:

  • Data Bourne — Stored identity data
  • Data Creek — Trickle-down data
  • Data Fjord — Steep learning curve data
  • Data Gulf — Can’t quite reach the data
  • Data Moat — Unique Competitive data
  • Data Puddle — Excel Spreadsheet

And there’s one more water metaphor. The Water Cycle. You’ll find there’s a similar ecosystem for data.

Scott Brinker

So, you’ll see the data being all pooled around. Another water reference.

And it wouldn’t be a S.B presentation without some sort of landscape:

Scott Brinker

And this is just a sample.

Next up, two ideas from Data Ops, which are relevant to all Big Ops.

Two Ideas from DataOps

Number One: Aggregation

First up, its aggregation over consolidation. But what’s the difference?

Well, consolidation is about reducing a lot of different sets of things, into a smaller number of things, or just one.

Aggregation, on the other hand, is making a large set of things easier to consume or access through a single source.

Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker

For example, Social media platforms are highly consolidated, but have millions of social creators.

Scott Brinker

So, this is something Scott’s looked at with martech.

«With integration, we have the mechanisms to do aggregation» at the data level, workflow, UI, and governance, he says.

Scott Brinker

So, you see aggregation in the following layers:

  • Data: Data warehouses/data Lakes; specialised data; shared spreadsheets.
  • Workflow (logic): iPaaS, Workflow Automation and BPM; Robotic Process Automation; Data Pipelining and ETL automation.
  • UI (presentation): Shared collaboration tools; Shared analytics tools; Domain platforms.
  • Governance: SaaS management; Privacy and data governance; Identity access management.

What’s exciting about this aggregation, says Scott, is that it’s taking us from an age where fragile tech stacks break when new apps or data is added, to antifragile stacks which gain value from new apps and data.

This is because aggregation platforms get more value as more is added, as they have more things to aggregate through them.

This is how we make our tech stacks as agile as the rest of our business needs to be.

Number Two: Reintegration of Martech

The CMO council asked a number of c-suite leaders «Where do you see leadership holes or gaps in your marketing organisation?»

  • 42% said modernisation of marketing organisation, systems, and operations
  • 40% said proficient, technically savvy managers in key digital roles
  • 37% report it to be greater customer knowledge and market understanding
  • 34% claim adaptive, informed decision-making based on good data

Actually all these things are all related around the technology and data infrastructure of marketing»

How did marketing fall behind?

In many ways martech was leading the charge of digitisation of modern business, says Scott.

Well, the truth is the rest of the organisation has caught up with its maturity. And increasingly there’s a demand for martech to be re-integrated into the rest of the IT platform.

That doesn’t mean that marketing won’t have some of their own tools, but these tools need to integrate with the other enterprise systems. And in some cases where there’s universal enterprise systems that work for marketing needs too, so there’s a need to be able to take advantage of them seamlessly.

And finally, we have:


This involves pooling together marketing ops, partner ops, and sales ops. We can go back to the meme, he says:

Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker

In many ways, Scott suggests, the relationship between marketing and sales, and customer success, is often like the parable of the blind men and an elephant. No, it’s not about an elephant being trained as a service animal.

Instead, the men are all touching a different piece, and describe what they see, with very mixed perspectives. So, in our case, it translates to ‘the parable of the blind department and a customer’. Or mis-aligned systems and data, and processes.

And really, at its heart, RevOps is about aligning systems and data, and processes, across marketing, sales and customer service.

A way to look at the power of RevOps is to look at the seven roles that it can play in the modern organisation.

«RevOps sitting above these three departments can be the cartographer of the entire customer journey», not just through marketing or sales, but the end-to-end, says Scott.

What’s exciting is all seven of these roles are all connected to the data that is being managed.

The other roles include:

  • Cartographer of the customer journey map. mapping the context of data.
  • Curator of the customer data and assets. standardising data organisation.
  • Architect of customer systems and services. generating and processing data.
  • Orchestrator of processes and automations. building data-triggered workflows.
  • Analyst of insights and performance. analysing and refining data.
  • Outfitter of self-service capabilities. enabling self-service use of data.
  • Guardian of quality and compliance. assuring data quality and compliance.

How do DevOps, DataOps and RevOps all connect?

Scott believes that we are early on in this journey of big ops, and that’s what’s exciting about this.

Just as many marketing operations and marketing tech people led this first generation of the martech revolution, the second generation of the martech revolution, in a much larger context of big ops, has so much opportunity”

He leaves us with this quote from MarTech Alliance fave Darrell Alfonso:

CH 2: «You and what army?» I’m so glad you asked.

you and what army.png

Off screen: Nick and Curie yeeting themselves off the balcony because there wasn’t enough room.
Anyone else imagine their companions joining for big OPs like taking down the Gunner HQ?

Deleted member 10215

Personally, I just put Ada back into WAR PLATFORM MODE.
(Gatling Lasers for both arms plus Sentry Bot Shoulder Launchers and the Tesla torso mod that shocks anyone who gets close)

There was non trivial amounts of Friendly Fire that way though.

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Personally, I just put Ada back into WAR PLATFORM MODE.
(Gatling Lasers for both arms plus Sentry Bot Shoulder Launchers and the Tesla torso mod that shocks anyone who gets close)

There was non trivial amounts of Friendly Fire that way though.

I had to take everyone’s grenades away. There was like 1 Feral on the way to the Rendezvous Point and I just see 5 grenades go flying across my screen.

They blew up a parking lot.

so much for “element of surprise”

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Off screen: Nick and Curie yeeting themselves off the balcony because there wasn’t enough room.
Anyone else imagine their companions joining for big OPs like taking down the Gunner HQ?

I feel ya. What level? Then level the Runners. 6 feet down.


Messages 38

I really wish there was an appropriate voice clip for when you meet Berman again so the Sole Survivor could remind them about that quip. After all, bringing an army is exactly what you’ve done — the renewed Minutemen are almost certainly there, you can have the secured and expanded CPD join in, you can get support from the Brotherhood, Railroad and Institute. possibly there might even be other options, those are just the ones I was able to qualify for, and Algernon and apparently Wise can be there as rebel Gunners on your side .

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